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Vanilla Program (old2)

UPDATED 6/11/2021

Welcome to the official "Vanilla" Program. This system is designed to provide the greatest number of people with the best possible results. Each daily workout should take between 10-15 minutes, including rest periods. A six day cycle made up of nine movements; simple, challenging, effective. Additional programming from here on out will always build upon this foundation, so it's important to start here and discover which band sizes are appropriate for you.


The Vanilla Program is divided into alternating days of push, pull, legs, and rest. All together, this comprises a six day cycled routine that allows muscle building through focused, maximum effort and ample recovery. You will perform each workout twice a week, with one rest day. (Push, Pull, Legs, Push, Pull, Legs, Rest)

Chest Deadlift Front Squat Chest Deadlift Split Squat R
Triceps Bent Row 2x Rest Triceps Bent Row Split Squat L
Shoulders Biceps Calf Raise Shoulders Biceps Calf Raise


For each of the six weekly workouts, the first exercise is the primary movement. I highly recommend that you do not change the order of the workout since you want to reserve the most energy into that first, primary movement while you are still fresh. This ensures you will get the most benefit out of the big three essential lifts, being the Bench, Deadlift, and Squat.


A minute and a half, no set rep count, you against the clock. This is the crux of the program. Using a timer not only provides meaningful volume, it also helps inform proper band selection. If you cannot complete the full 90 seconds with a given band under controlled, constant tension, then the band is too heavy. If you easily perform full reps to 90 seconds and beyond, then the band is too light.


During each 90 second set, you perform slow, controlled, full reps until you can’t. Typically, the breaking point should happen past the 60 second mark, all the way to the full 90 seconds. If you can not longer perform full reps, but are nearing 90 seconds, do not let the tension off. For the remainder of the set, extend the band as far into the rep as you can and hold it in place for the rest of that exhalation. This is known as an “isometric hold”. While the target muscle will be on fire at this point, you should find it easier to hold the band in place and focus on staying calm until the full 90 seconds has elapsed.


Rest at least 2-3 minutes between movements. Seriously. Don’t short change the rest. For most movements, you’ll need all of it. For Front Squat specifically, take a double rest period, even up to six minutes. If the effort put into the squat is as intended, you will need the extra time to recover!


Yes, breathing. Never underestimate how important airflow is to your progress. Not only does correct breathing supply your muscles with oxygen, it also keeps you calm, focused, and in-the-set. Get the breathing wrong, and you’ll feel prematurely gassed and panicky.

Before the start of each set, breathe in fully. As you begin to stretch the band, breathe out through the nose and meet the end of your breath at full extension of the rep. As you immediately change directions and lower tension to complete the rep, breathe in through the nose, again coordinating the full inhalation with the end of the rep. Repeat this for every rep, being mindful to follow the breath with your movement for the duration of the set. Keeping the breathe cycling entirely through the nose creates pressure that will help stabilize your core, providing the twin benefit of injury prevention and keeping the muscles topped off with oxygen.

If you can no longer perform full reps and must enter the isometric hold phase in order to finish the 90 second set, extend your exhalation and breathe out for the entire time you stretch and hold the band. The isometric hold ends when your exhale ends, which should be between 3 and 5 seconds.


Push Pull Legs

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