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Copy of Triple Chocolate - Legs B

3 Rounds

Split Squat Right

Split Squat Left

Calf Raise

Round 1

90 seconds with a medium size band you are able to perform full reps under constant tension, constant motion. No resting, even for a split second!

Round 2

3 x 10 reps, one band larger than you used in round 1. It should be difficult to get to the tenth rep. If you end up at 8-9 reps, don't worry. Do your best! Take a short break of around 20-30 seconds between each set of 10. Go through three sets of ten reps with consistent effort.

Round 3

90 seconds with a small band under constant tension, constant motion. This should be one band smaller than the band you used for round 1. Perform reps at a faster tempo than you did in round 1, but keep your form tight.